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Founded in 1957, BPI has established itself as a company that focuses on building a lasting relationship with its customers by understanding their needs. By determining what the customer is looking for, BPI is able to provide the right building products and support to ensure the success of a project.

Building personal relationships with its customers is the foundation BPI built itself on. With this focus, it became imperative for the company to deliver what their customers needed in terms of building materials and services any time of the day. Aside from real-time access to products, convenience was also made a priority to make the customers’ shopping experience a memorable one.

To address these needs, Builderwire came up with an online store that focused on providing BPI’s customers quick and easy access to the company’s product line. With its location-based product catalog, BPI is able to show products exclusive to a particular store. Customers are able to access this using a simple drop-down menu found on the website’s banner.

Builderwire also introduced the new PDF Product Catalog feature that allows customers to download a PDF copy of the company’s latest online catalog. Each BPI store is given its own downloadable catalog based on their individual inventory and pricing information. Data displayed in each catalog ” from images to pricing information ” is kept up-to-date using Builderwire’s Connector technology.

Another new feature integrated to BPI’s e-commerce store is the new Attributes feature. The Attributes feature was designed to help customers find the product they want quickly by letting them choose from a specific set of attributes to narrow down the items displayed on a product list. Selecting an attribute or a combination of attributes filters the product list to display the specific type of product the customer is looking for.

BPI’s store also comes with an improved checkout system that utilizes the use of IBOS’ Ship-To feature. The new checkout process lets customers select the Ship-To location where they want their orders shipped. It also gives them the option to ship their orders completely or partially.

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