The Builderwire Connector - a sophisticated communication link between your back-office system and your front-end Builderwire e-commerce system.

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The Builderwire Connector Technology (BCT) is a sophisticated communication link between your back-end ERP system, which houses product data and information, and the IBOS 3.0 front-end catalog. Through this connection, you can pull up any number of products from the back-end office and display them on your website via IBOS.

The IBOS 3.0 System goes through a 3-Step Process:

The product information is stored and enabled in the back-end. IBOS 3.0 automatically gets the product information from the database through the Builderwire Connector interface.

Builderwire then loads the information on its web server, which can now be viewed on your website.

Via IBOS 3.0's Web Admin, you can now manage your products and create your site's pages, including promotions and advertisements.

With the Builderwire connector, all maintenance is performed once - inventory can be viewed online via secure access using User IDs and Password-restricted entry. When changes occur in the back-office system, the online site is updated with the same information.


The interface between the website and the back-office API (application programming interface). The Connector fetches data to and from the back-office through a dedicated API. During this process, IBOS runs scheduled tasks or routines to update store content such as products, promotions, customer information and other e-commerce-related information in the website.

Browser Support

Browser compatibility is a big deal because usually .Net systems only function properly on Internet Explorer. But the new system supports all high-level browsers to date. e.g. IE, Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Edge, etc. This means that you can manage and modify your site with your browser of choice and expect the same results throughout.

Server Interaction

All content are stored in the database. This is leverage in terms of maintenance because essentially the entire site is backed up. Also, the website is hosted with the database in the same environment, thus improving performance and speed considerably.


This Microsoft technology is used in creating business applications for IBOS Web Admin. It delivers plenty of controls that are used to create rich user interface which could be bound to a database. Silverlight loads up all the necessary tools that the CMS needs before opening which means the system doesn't need to buffer between features. The IBOS Web Admin is used to configure settings to suit your business needs. Also, accounts can be set to have defined administration roles. Specific Roles can modify website content and update business-related entities.


IBOS 3.0 now has the capability to cache all visited pages' content, including back-end data. This improves browsing speed.

Microsoft .NET is software that connects information, people, systems, and devices. It spans clients, servers, and developer tools.

The IBOS 3.0 system utilizes .NET Framework 3.5, an enormous leap from .NET Framework 1.1. The new framework increases browser support. The new system supports all high-level browsers to date. e.g. IE, Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Edge, etc. This means that you can manage and modify your site with your browser of choice without fear of crashing or missing functionalities.

For more information on the Builderwire Connector or to determine if a custom connector exists or can be built for your back office system, please contact us.

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