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Combine and Organize Related Product Items with the New Parent-Child Attributes Feature

The new Parent-Child Product Attributes feature lets you build searchable products based solely on an item's set of “attributes.”

By having the ability to create a parent product page and assigning children products to it - each with a set of unique attributes - you're able to configure and combine related products that can be easily searched for by your customers.

New Parent-Child Attributes Feature - Web Page View

The attributes can be created and managed through the IBOS Web Admin. Once your attributes have been created, you just have to set-up a Parent product and assign all the related Child products to it. Each Child product can be assigned the attributes you created. These attributes will be displayed in a drop-down menu on your storefront's Product Details page which can be selected by your customers when looking for a specific item.

New Parent-Child Attributes Feature - Web Admin View

The Parent-Child Product attributes are also designed to be searchable, making it easier for your customers to find what they're looking for without going through your entire catalog. They just have to type the attribute on your website's Search field and they will be given a list of items that carry the attribute they entered.

To learn more about the other features offered by IBOS, click here.

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Optimize your Products Using Our New SEO Fields

The new SEO Fields give you the tools to optimize your product pages to drive in more traffic and make each page rank on the Web.

Initially, search engine optimization could only be done using IBOS' Content Management System (CMS). Each page created using CMS could be optimized by adding a description and a group of keywords on the fields provided in the Page tab. While these pages could be optimized, it left out the product pages. Since e-commerce websites contain a multitude of product pages, optimizing each one could help further improve a website's online ranking and traffic. This is where the new SEO Fields feature comes in.

SEO Fields Feature - Web Admin View

With the new SEO Fields feature in place, you can optimize your product pages to drive in more traffic and make each page rank on the Web. With more traffic coming in, you increase your chances of gaining more revenue and exposure.

IBOS has a new set of features that will help you redesign how your customers interact with you online. Click here to learn more and find the feature that will work best with your website.

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The New and Improved B2C Checkout Out Payment Method Section

Builderwire has improved its B2C Checkout system by giving you the ability to have your customers choose their own payment method whenever they purchase a product from your website.

Instead of being limited to cash payments, your customers can now choose from three modes of payment prior to submitting their orders: Bank Wire Transfer, Cash on Delivery or Credit Card.

New B2C Checkout Out Payment Method Section

The total amount provided upon check out also includes shipping charges which are calculated based on the selected UPS shipping module (if UPS shipping is available).

Keep in mind that the addition of the new B2C Checkout Payment Method doesn't completely alter the entire ordering process. It simply adds a couple of more steps during the ordering process to give your customers added flexibility in terms of payment.

To learn more about the all-new and powerful IBOS and its other features, click here.

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Design Your Account Documents with Our New Custom Print Templates

IBOS lets you customize your account documents using the new Custom Print Templates feature.

The documents you send out to your customers need to reflect your company's identity. Not only will it make you look professional, it will also add some legitimacy to your business. With our new Custom Print Templates, that's something you can do.

IBOS' New Custom Print Templates

The new Custom Print Templates feature gives you the capability to brand and design your downloadable account documents. Documents that can be customized include your invoices, statements, quotes, and order sheets.

Whether it's putting in your new logo or adding other company-related info, we can work with you on customizing your documents to give them a clean and professional appearance.

The new IBOS boasts a host of equally impressive features that exemplify your own dedication to excellent customer service. To learn more about the all-new and powerful IBOS, click here.

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Make It Easier for your Customers to Organize their Purchases with Add to Favorites

IBOS now gives your customers the capability to add products to multiple Favorites folders.

Add to Favorites Feature - Product Details

The Add to Favorites feature helps them pull up past purchases anytime they need to. No more searching through the online store or sorting through invoices. This feature is not exclusive to purchased items too. A customer can organize products by creating different folders such as one for their wishlist or another for their upcoming purchases. All items listed in the Favorites folder can be selected and added to the Shopping Cart.

Add to Favorites Feature - Favorites Folder

Add to Favorites Feature - Adding Favorite Item to Shopping Cart

Builderwire understands that reason customers keep coming back is exceptional products and services. Our goal is to create tools that make your website the place customers go to for the products and services they need. To know more about IBOS and its other features, click here.

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IBOS Has an All-New, All-Powerful Content Management System

The new IBOS Content Management System (CMS) was conceptualized with three things in mind: helping our customers build impressive web pages with ease, giving them more control over their website's content and features, and making the system faster and more cost-efficient.

The new CMS makes managing content more effective. It's designed using the latest technologies such as Microsoft Silverlight to help speed up performance.

Sporting a sleeker look and delivering a ton of new features, the new CMS does more than just add or modify pages - it provides access to all the important points of your system. Are you interested in sending out monthly newsletters to your customers to promote your business? The new CMS can do this for you without hassle. Just copy and paste your content into the News section and your newsletter should be good to go.

You can also add and modify navigation menu items, set up a gallery of photos that can be organized by folder, as well as add content snippets.

New IBOS Content Management System

Other new features that our improved CMS gives you access to include:

  • Website Menu Editor - Add or modify your website's navigation menu with ease.
  • Product Widget - Create sales-oriented content pages by attaching product-specific images and links.
  • Image Gallery Module - Easily build impressive image galleries to showcase your product lines.
  • Newsletter Creation - Create effective Internet marketing campaigns using our Newsletter Creation.
  • Contractor Referrals - Create a database of recommended contractors that's tailor-fitted to your client base.
  • Advertisement Tools - Build attractive advertisement banners to promote your products or your vendors' products.

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Builderwire Releases IBOS

Builderwire has been at the helm of producing state-of-the-art technologies designed to help businesses in two ways - market their products and services and provide them with the means to offer fast and reliable customer service online. This led to the development of the company's powerful ecommerce platform, IBOS.

IBOS is able to improve the way companies do business by providing them with the tools required to develop a comprehensive ordering and quoting catalog that can be accessed 24/7. Using its innovative Connector technology, a communication link that connects a company's back-end data with its front-end web catalog, clients are able to pull up and display any number of items - including their latest product information - at the click of a button.

The new platform also comes with an improved accounting system that provides customers with real-time access to their current and historical account information including their order sheets, invoices, statements, and balance details. It even offers the convenience of syncing a customer's accounting data with Quickbooks, one of the popular accounting software to date. By integrating their account with Quickbooks, customers get the benefit of viewing their financial statements, invoices, quotations, and date orders without having to log into the website.

Builderwire's IBOS has also integrated a variety of features that allow businesses to customize their e-commerce website and market their products. The platform is equipped with a content management system that provides clients with the capabilities to manage and design their website's content pages. It also comes with an e-commerce system that provides an array of marketing tools including a featured items tool that highlights important inventory items, an advertisement tool that allows clients to set up banner and sidebar ads, and a promotions tool which can display products currently on sale.

With IBOS, Builderwire is able to provide businesses with a low-risk, high-return investment that will allow them to convert their websites into a potent ecommerce tool that can capture new customers, service existing clients, and grow their business in an efficient manner at minimal costs.

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New Features Released By Builderwire Inc.

Builderwire has recently developed two new features: the Builderwire Blaster and Remote Salesforce Connect.

Builderwire's Email Blaster is designed to give our clients the most powerful and cost-efficient means to advertise to their contacts and targeted prospects via a proper emailing campaign.

The Remote Salesperson Connect (RSC) is Builderwire's Salesforce Automation feature. Its focus is to empower the sales team with remote capabilities like never before, allowing instant communication and customer service from anywhere.

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