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Building Your Quoting System

When your business relies on e-commerce, you need a reliable quoting system that is easy to manage and gives your customers a smooth, effortless online experience. Builderwire Inc.’s delivers exactly that with its IBOS 3.0 system.

The IBOS 3.0 contains a holistic quoting system that’s perfect whether your business is B2B or B2C. What separates it from other quoting systems is the way it’s built. The IBOS 3.0 is completely rewritten from scratch, with our top developers figuring out what’s lacking and what features needed to be added to improve performance.

What’s more, setting up the quoting system is painless because we’ll set it up for you. Once the system is in place, your customers can then request for a quote through your website's shopping cart. It’s that simple.

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For your B2B customers, the IBOS 3.0 quoting system offers the capability to view your quote history. Its dashboard provides a sort and filter feature which lets you search for specific quotes by quote number, status, job number, job name, and date.

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The quote dashboard also lets you view your quote details and convert them to PDF or Excel format for downloading and printing.

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