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Creating PDF Catalogs

The trouble with printing catalogs or price sheets in advance is forecasting what your customers are looking for. Aside from figuring what brands or products to target, you also have to deal with the cost of printing. This will hit hard especially if you need to print every time you update your catalog. To help clients avoid the costs of printing their price sheets after every update, Builderwire created the PDF Catalog Creation feature.

Sample PDF Catalog Output

The PDF Catalog Creation feature lets you create downloadable catalogs based on the existing brands or product categories found in your web storefront. Displayed on your website, you’ll be able to highlight specific product pages or even create a version that combines different brands and categories into one price sheet. Pricing is up-to-date and can be set based on a specific tier since all data will be sourced from your catalog’s actual prices. The feature also offers custom branding giving you the option to display your company logo, address information and contact details.

When it comes to printing catalog price sheets, you can spend time studying what your customers frequently shop for and then shell out a budget for printing. However, it still won’t guarantee that you’ll get the results you want. With our PDF Catalog Creation tool, you can create a catalog that can be downloaded and printed by your customers saving you on the cost and effort of finding out what they want and then printing the catalog on your own.

To see the PDF Catalog Creation feature in action, get in touch with us for a free demo.


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