Builderwire, Inc. is a business-to-business e-commerce company that integrates the latest Internet technologies to help create state-of-the-art digital content to improve your company’s operational efficiencies by changing the way you sell and service customers on the web.

Focusing on business-to-business and mobile e-commerce integration, Builderwire, Inc. has developed a variety of technologically advanced and innovative features for companies designed to automate and web-enable the industry, allowing them to thrive in a competitive online marketplace.

Builderwire's Flagship E-Commerce Software System - IBOS

Designed to improve customer service and accelerate revenue, IBOS is a complete business e-commerce solution that lets you develop a dynamic and responsive web storefront system accessible to all mobile devices to help you service your clients anytime, anywhere.

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Builderwire's integrated solutions have proven effective for companies looking to develop their web presence online. With these systems, companies are able to market their products more effectively, strengthen customer relationships and gain better revenue opportunities.

The Builderwire Connector Technology

The Builderwire Connector Technology (BCT) is a sophisticated communication link between any back-office system, which houses data and information, and your front-end Builderwire system.

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Account Management

Provide 24/7 online access and retrieval of critical account information such as open order status, invoices, statements, and balance details from the most recent to those dating back to a year.

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Product Catalog - Quote System

Build, customize, and maintain an online product catalog and quoting system that's managed using your back-office ERP system and can be accessed and modified anytime of the day.

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Complete Commerce Module

Market your company's top items and provide your customers with a secure environment integrated with your ERP back-office system where they can view products, place orders, bid, and request for quotes.

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Website Development

Builderwire has solutions to boost your website design and building experience that will help you communicate your message with your audience.

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CMS Website System

Builderwire provides you with a powerful Content Management System (CMS) with a Word®-like interface and tools to create impressive content pages that can be easily managed and updated by your staff.

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Search Engine Optimization

Builderwire’s Marketing Programs utilizes a commixed approach of improving the volume and quality of traffic to your website from search engines.

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Client Spotlight

Our Clients have the power to customize their sites and manage their database easily like no other, becoming luminaries in this particular field thanks to our products and services, and customer relationship channels.

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