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Mobility has now become an integral component for companies looking to further develop their business by improving the way they reach out and connect with their customers. With the new Mobile IBOS, you'll have a complete mobile solution that will allow you to integrate your products and customer account information into one mobile responsive system.

Mobile IBOS gives you the ability to create a website that can be accessed by your customers anytime, anywhere using their web-enabled mobile devices. With its user-friendly interface and fluid design, your customers get to enjoy the benefits of accessing their accounts and shopping for products right at their fingertips.

Built to offer the same power and functionality as the original IBOS system but in a more compact design, the new Mobile IBOS delivers the following features:

Account Management Module

Get complete support for online access and retrieval of both current and archived account information including your invoices, statements, quotes and other balance details. The new Mobile IBOS provides a responsive Account Dashboard that adjusts to the screen size of your device ensuring that it renders properly to let you get a complete view of your latest receivable balances and payments no matter what mobile device you're on.

Online Product Catalog Module - Quote System

Build a mobile responsive product catalog and quoting system that can be accessed by your clients on any portable device. The new IBOS product catalog is configured to fit all mobile devices giving it the ability to display your full line of products regardless of your device’s screen resolution. Manageable through your back-office system, you still get full control over the product description, categories and pricing details that you want displayed.

Commerce Module (B2B/B2C)

The new Mobile IBOS lets you market your top products while also providing a secure Extranet login area that can be accessed by your customers on any mobile device. Just like the original IBOS Commerce Module, our mobile version provides complete username and password registration that lets registered users view all products, place orders, bid and request for quotes. This ability to provide complete support for customer sign-on through all mobile devices gives your users more flexibility in accessing your website, enhancing their online experience with you.

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