Build a customizable online product catalog and quoting system that can be modified anytime of the day.

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Online Product Catalog Module and Quote System

The Builderwire IBOS product catalog lets you build, customize, and maintain an online product catalog and quoting system in real-time. This gives you full control over how your product inventory items, categories, pricing details, pricing levels, and quantity levels are displayed and organized on your website’s storefront system.

  • All product, description, and price information found in your IBOS online catalog are automatically integrated with your database and controlled through your back-office system in real-time.

  • All product information such as description, price, custom-level price, inventory levels, and client-level pricing are updated immediately between your IBOS online storefront catalog and back-office system using Builderwire’s Connector Technology.

  • A complete catalog of stock and special order products is available at ALL times including the ability to build custom product catalog pages viewable in PDF format.

  • Keep track of the current status of an existing Open Order for a particular job, including a detailed breakdown of products per order. Status for Open Orders is integrated with your back-office system making it easy to update. Searching for a specific open order can be done by order number, status, job number, job name, date range, date duration, or by selecting a specific date.

  • All quotations are saved in the customer online quote folder and are also integrated back into your back-office system.

  • Pricing is by customer-level pricing and pulled from the back-end system.

  • Pricing can be masked, retail, or list (8 level price support. e.g., MSRP or “Pro Price”, etc.)

  • On-page search engine optimization can be done by optimizing product categories, product descriptions (short/long) and page titles of stock or by special order items to boost traffic and search engine ranking.

  • Product featuring can be made by department/category and searchable by assigning unique attributes to the product.

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