Builderwire uses a variety of marketing strategies ranging from search engine optimization and social media to tracking of data and analytics.

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Search Engine Optimization

Builderwire utilizes a commixed approach of improving the volume and quality of traffic to your website from search engines via these strategies:

Keyword Rich Text

The written content on the website is the building block in Search Engine Optimization and thus, your site must always be geared towards including the words and phrases that the target audience would most likely type into search queries.

Builderwire will ensure that these keywords and phrases are featured prominently on a majority of your website's pages to convert it well or allow it to receive consistent search engine traffic over time. Regularly adding content on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis, keyword research, and copywriting for individual HTML tags are parts of this strategy.

Builderwire uses the Google Webmaster tools for tracking the metrics of keyword success. We offer monthly and quarterly reporting of keyword success to our customers exported from the Google Webmaster Tools.

Information or Website Architecture and Page Layout

An integral part to achieving a high search engine ranking is developing code built for search engine spiders. Builderwire will see to it that the layout of the pages of your site is "search engine-friendly". This means making certain that the search engines and end users are given easy access to keyword-rich content, as this is the next important building block of directing traffic to your site.

The arrangement of the text, graphic images, and multimedia files on the page tells search engines and site visitors which content you, as the site owner, believes is most important. Our developers will put into a proper or systematic order the URL structure and technical architecture of the site.

Our programming experts will scrub your HTML code and edit areas that can be improved. This will in no way change your website if not necessary, but instead will change the way search engines view your site. These areas include:

Search Results



Anchor Text


In-site Search Box Querries

XML Sitemap Generator Structured Data

Local Business Markup

Products Markup

Business Contact Markup

Breadcrumbs Markup

In some cases we may recommend changing physical areas of your website but we will always ask before editing these areas.

Builderwire has also developed a highly effective combination of link partnerships which is well liked by the major search engines.

Getting links into the site or linking it to other sites is a strategy that promotes "link popularity".

A site may receive qualified search engine traffic due to this organic SEO solution that must go hand in hand with website usability. Google and other search engines rank sites based on link referral.

The more links from other websites, the more popular a particular page must be thereby ranking it higher.

A few certain ways to enhance traffic to your site are the following:

  • Integration of your About Us page.
  • Providing a contact option where you guarantee speedy response times.
  • Building a good site map for your site.
  • Facilitating periodic promotional email blasts (especially for those have already purchased from you before).
  • Ensuring proper text formatting and regular error checking.
  • Creating a blog or forum/community page where customers can talk to other customers.

Creating blogs that feature solutions to certain client-related and specific problems, tips on the best way to do certain tasks or the best tool or product to use for particular jobs using available efficient blogging sites can be very good ways to boost your sites popularity.

Builderwire can also create a windows application service which can be used for sending email blasts to all customers.

Social Bookmarking may also be used.

Posting your website's URL, related tags, and description on a social book marking site gives a chance for others to read the same since the social book marking site posts it as another listing in their network lists like articles, news etc.

Apart from this, your search engine visibility increases, which in turn, increases your traffic. This may also help in building back links.

Generation and Usage of Statistics

Builderwire utilizes website performance trackers that provide valuable insight on the profile of your visitors, how they find you, and where exactly they land on your website. Measurement of these performance metrics would help let you know where you stand, how much more effort is needed to be exerted, which areas to improve, and basically how your business is doing online.

Builderwire can include a report of site traffic to our customers on a monthly basis.

Builderwire ascertains that your website has the full force of content that's easy to find through a solid information architecture and page layout together with the hefty one-two punches of great link building and usability!

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