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Showcasing Your Inventory

Sample Inventory Image

When customers visit your store, they’re treated to a view of how extensive your inventory is. They’ll be able to judge right away whether you have what it takes to handle their building project’s requirements. While it’s true that they won’t be able to see every item you have in stock, chances are you’ll have a sales personnel right next to them ready and waiting to address any questions they might have. If only things were that simple when it comes to selling online.

When it comes to e-commerce, it’s not that easy. You may have over 50,000 materials online but if customers can’t see or find them, they will leave right away and move to the next store on their Google list until they find what they need.

Remember that when it comes to selling online - you only have about three to five seconds to win over potential customers. How do you convince them that you’re the right one for them? Better yet, how do you showcase your inventory’s breadth given the nature of websites?

Leave a lasting impression - Keep your website's design clean and professional

A website’s look and feel can convey what a company is all about. Incorporating images of delivery trucks and your stock into the overall design gives customers an immediate idea how huge your space is. Make sure that the layout you use is clean and crisp to give your website a professional look. Don't hesitate to have your products take center stage. Think of what other e-commerce websites do. More often than not, they don't say how great they are. They get right down to business and show you what they have to offer.

If your website still uses unflattering and unprofessional fonts like Comic Sans in bright neon colors, it’s probably time for a major makeover.

Make the most of your website's navigation menu

The navigation menu is a powerful tool. If customers can’t find what they’re looking for on the homepage, they’ll take a peep at your menu buttons. Make sure that your storefront is neatly represented in the navigation menu. Add submenus under your product link to display the various product categories you have in your store. This gives customers a quick glimpse of the products you have in stock.

Display related or alternative product items on your product pages

Adding similar or related items somewhere on the product pages also helps. This gives customers options to choose from. Builderwire's IBOS 3.0 has a "Random Items by Category" feature which allows you to populate your product pages with other items belonging to the same category.

Have a Search field

Make sure that your website features a Search field. This will make it easier for your customers to instantly find any item they’re shopping for.

When it comes to selling online, breadth places a major part in convincing customers that you’re the shop for them. Make sure that you showcase yours in order for your website to reach its full potential as an e-commerce portal.


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