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Builderwire's IBOS is an internet-based ordering system that integrates your products with a customizable account system and a B2B/B2C ecommerce module to maximize the potential of your business. You can ensure your business grows steadily and strategically with the powerful features that IBOS has.

Create an interactive web storefront system that lets you build and customize your own product catalog while giving your clients 24/7 access to manage their account information and other balance details - whether through their desktop or mobile device. Combined with powerful content management tools, IBOS lets you re-design your website from the ground up, helping you attract more customers and improve the way you do business with them.

All New Features of IBOS

Integrate your customers' QuickBooks files with your accounting data and make it easier for them to manage their invoices, balance sheets, vendor profiles, and requests for payments.
Improved Search and Filtering System
Built-in Sort feature lets customers filter, view, and organize transactions by date, amount, type, and product.
Product Widget
Add images of your store products to your web pages to help increase sales and revenue.
Newsletter Creation
Create newsworthy content that will keep your customers updated and informed about the latest company and industry news.
Contractor Referral
Create a directory of reputable contractors as an added service to make it easy for your customers to find the contractor they need.
User Docs
Upload and send private user documents assigned to specific users to prevent confidential information from being accessed.
Custom Print Template
Enjoy the freedom of customizing your invoices, statements, quotes, and order sheets to reflect your company's identity and give them a more professional look.
Random Items by Category
Showcase random items by category on your product pages. Once you opt for this feature, every item in your store will display its category-related products, giving your customers more choices instantaneously.
Image Gallery Module
Create numerous albums containing images of your company's top products or current events. The gallery can be set up quickly and automatically converts your images to web-friendly sizes for faster loading.
Advertisement Tools
Create, display and manage banner, left and right sidebar ads that promote the top brands, products or services in your inventory to generate revenue. You can even sell the ad space to clients to earn extra income.
Sales Dashboard
Give your salespeople the ability to access and print all their clients' orders, invoices, statements, and jobs at a click of a button.
Job Change Request
Customize job name and status using the job change request feature to help you manage and organize job folders more efficiently.
Website Menu Editor
Customize your website's navigation using IBOS' content management system and see the changes appear instantly on your web pages.
Parent-Child Product Attributes
Create a parent product page and assign it children products with their own group of attributes to make them easily searchable by your customers.
Plug'N Pay Credit Card Gateway
Configure your website to accept credit card payments, giving your business added e-commerce functionality and making it easier for your customers to deal with you.
Social Media
Display social media content as soon as you create them with our customizable social media feed. Whether it’s Twitter, Facebook or other social networks, we'll bring your updates directly to your website for all to see.
On-Page Optimization
Perform on-page search engine optimization to boost traffic and search engine ranking by optimizing product categories, product descriptions (short/long) and page titles of stock or by special order items.
Set up a team of sales personnel that can manage multiple customer accounts under their name, view customer account details, requests for quotes and even process orders on their clients' behalf.
Business Contacts
The new Business Contacts feature gives you the capabilities to create a directory of contacts and assign them to specific business locations. Contacts can be added manually or sourced from your list of user accounts.
UPS Service
IBOS can now integrate UPS shipping prices into your website giving your customers more shipping options to choose from. All prices are based on the shipping rates in your area.
Event Calendar
Plot and display your latest company events using the new Events Calendar feature. With its user-friendly interface, you can add, edit and manage your calendar entries with ease.
Product Reports
Generate specific reports of your different product items and organize them using our pre-formatted categories to help you view and manage your inventory quickly and efficiently.
User Access Roles
Customize the access of each registered user by assigning them specific access roles that will restrict the amount of information they can view and manage once they log into your website.
Job Restriction Feature
Assign and restrict jobs related to your users and grant them access only to the jobs you want them to see, making it easier for you to keep track of their orders and job-related activities.
Content Snippets
The new Content Snippets feature lets you add HTML content (text, images, and hyperlinks) to the different sections that cannot be accessed using Content Explorer giving you more freedom in designing your website.
Delivery Routes and Route Stop
Whether you offer delivery by land, air or sea, IBOS' Delivery Routes and Delivery Route Stop features provide an easy way to create drop-off points and set up delivery routes for quick and hassle-free shipment.
URL Rewrite
Get creative with your web page's URL with the new URL Rewrite feature. Whether you want them long or short, you can rewrite each one for faster recall.
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