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Edensaw was established in 1984 with the main goal of providing specialty plywood, hardwoods & veneers to homeowners and builders of Port Townsend and the Olympic Peninsula area. Since then, the company has expanded its offering to shop and hand tools as well as other services ranging from millwork to boat-repair and restoration.

Edensaw’s expansion has allowed them to service customers better and increase their client base. In line with this, the company required an online portal that allowed them to keep their customers abreast of their latest promotions and updates. It also required an improved e-commerce system to help maintain both current and new customers who look to purchase their building tools directly from them.

Builderwire delivered an improved e-commerce website which combines the ability to provide content-rich web and product pages. Integrating a more user-friendly content editor that utilizes the popular Word interface, Edensaw now has the tools to create web pages while also having the capability to insert product specifications for each item on their catalog.

An improved advertisement and promotions tool has been added which allows Edensaw to display ads in different sections of their website including the left and right columns of their web pages as well as the top banner area of the site. Advertisements can also be customized to appear as a static image or a rotating image to display multiple pictures in one ad.

A more secure extranet login and registration feature was also integrated to provide better security online. Built with SSL (secure socket layer) encrypted capture and conveyance, the new Edensaw website ensures that any confidential information provided by customers - from bank to personal data - will not be compromised.

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