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E.H. Ashley has been supplying the finest jewelry from valuable stones and crystals to hand-crafted glass and metal settings. Tracing its roots back to 1899, the company has thrived through the years, allowing it to earn the distinction of being one of Swarovski's official distribution partners.

With their vast collection of items on hand from authentic Swarovski crystals to metal settings, it was important for E.H. Ashley to have an online store that would make it easy for customers to find what they're looking for. The store needed to have a secure environment for customers to place orders and manage their accounts. E.H. Ashley also required a stable platform that could hold and display their entire inventory without encountering any issues.

Builderwire developed a manageable e-commerce storefront system that combined the ability to manage and display products in a secure environment. Developed to house a multitude of products, the new system displays real-time data coming from E.H. Ashley's back-office system. This gives them total control over the information they want to upload to their catalog.

Aside from its basic functionality, a number of unique features were integrated to enhance the catalog's performance. One unique feature is the ability to accept orders strictly by specific pack quantity. The fixed quantity per item makes it easier for E.H. Ashley to process and compute the orders placed by their customers. Another is an in-depth search feature that lets customers search for items by selecting specific search parameters.

E.H. Ashley's storefront system is also equipped with a secure socket layer (SSL) encrypted capture which is designed to protect the customer's privacy and prevent any information provided from being compromised.

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