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Farm and Ranch

The ability to expand the current product offering while helping customers find what they want in as little time as possible is just one of the many characteristics businesses look for in their website. Builderwire has integrated IBOS with different features to help companies - like those specializing in farm and ranch products - improve their catalog’s performance and the way their customers shop with them.

The new IBOS 3.0 Product Catalog now has an improved categorization feature that allows clients to create a main category which can hold multiple sub-levels of categories under it. This makes it easier for them to organize products for display online once information has been uploaded from the back-office system.

A new parent-child attribute system has also been created to provide customers with a more focused approach in searching for items. Unique attributes can be added to specific products and displayed on that item’s detail page to help customers narrow down their search based on that item’s given attribute.

Even our Search field has been revamped so that once a customer types in a keyword, their website will display all available categories and products that contain the specific word/s entered on the Search Results page.

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