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Intermountain Wood has been one of BuilderWire's top clients for years. The company has been using the IBOS e-commerce and My Account platforms to help them in managing their inventory, provide convenient checkout process and allow their registered customers to manage their orders, quotes, statements and other important account information.

However, with newer technology and features coming out, Intermountain Wood felt the need to upgrade their system to keep up with the changing times. This led them to upgrading to BuilderWire's new IBOS 4.0 platform.

The new IBOS 4.0 platform equipped Intermountain Wood with an upgraded and more manageable e-commerce and My Account system. Its new product catalog now delivers a cleaner and more contemporary layout designed to make browsing and shopping online a more pleasant experience for the customers. New feature such as creating a personal shopping list makes it easier for customers to now list everything they need first and then order them all in one-go.

Maintenance of the new product catalog is made easy thanks to a more efficient and stable connection between the website's front-end and Intermountain's back-end ERP system. Product Details can also be edited on the fly just by clicking the Edit button found in the Product Details pages. This will automatically direct you to the Admin page where you can make changes to the product's content and images.

The IBOS 4.0 My Account platform integrated with Intermountain Wood still provides 24/7 access to real-time account information. All data are synched with the back-end ERP system providing a seamless transfer of data, ensuring that information updated in the back-end ” both current and archived ” will be displayed at once in every customer's account.

Lastly the new IBOS 4.0 comes with a new Page Editor tool that provides Intermountain Wood with a more convenient way to create content pages. The editor comes with built-in templates and sections which can be moved around, making it easier to lay out and design the content pages.

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