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Marine and Industrial Supply

For companies specializing in marine and industrial supplies, providing customers with a quick and efficient way of getting the products they need is crucial to their overall success. Builderwire makes it easier for our clients to do just that by developing enhancements to improve our e-commerce system’s functionality.

The new IBOS system is geared towards helping clients set up a web storefront capable of providing customers with everything they need. The new system comes with new online tools that let clients display a list of their bestselling products and top product categories right off the bat, providing customers with easy access to their top items.

Another key integrated feature is the ability to set up searchable attribute values. Managed using our Web Admin tool, these attributes are displayed on designated product listings. Selecting one or two attributes narrows down the list of products to make them more specific allowing customers to get the exact items they’re looking for.

Combined with other IBOS integrated features such as an online account management module and secure extranet login environment, these enhancements help deliver a complete system designed to improve our clients’ business processes, allowing them to be more competitive in their respective industry.

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