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Palmer Farm and Ranch has been serving farmers, ranchers, outdoorsmen and homeowners since 1943, producing and selling high-quality products to address their farming needs. Their combination of quality customer service and prompt doorstep delivery is what helps them maintain the distinction of being one of the top names in the San Angelo, Texas area.

To maintain its quality of service, Palmer Farm and Ranch wanted to upgrade their website to provide customers with an even more convenient shopping experience. One of the key functions the client requested was to integrate a tool that would allow them to display a product's features on the catalog which customers can use to narrow down their search and make it more specific.

With Palmer Farm and Ranch, Builderwire deployed the new Parent-Child Attributes feature, a tool that allows clients to create child-products with searchable attributes and assign them to a specific parent product. Attributes can be anything from a product's size, weight, color or texture. Creation and maintenance of these attributes can be done via the client's Admin tool.

With this unique feature, Palmer Farm and Ranch is able to display different sets of attributes on a product's detail page. These attributes can then be selected by customers to help them find the exact item they're looking for, down to the last detail.

Aside from being the first to have the new Parent-Child Attributes feature, Builderwire redesigned Palmer Farm and Ranch's website to display product widgets specifically on their homepage. These widgets are configured by a specific "movement code", with products assigned to the code directly from the client's back-office system. With this set-up in place, Palmer Farm and Ranch can just insert a widget section on their content pages just by selecting the designated movement code. All products assigned to that code will be displayed, eliminating the hassle of posting these widgets individually on the site.

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