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Plywood Company has become synonymous to "green" products in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, supplying builders and homeowners in the region with a wide range of lumber and building materials. From hardwood plywood to medium density fiberboard, its diverse product line is FSC certified, guaranteeing the company's commitment to meeting the set LEED requirements for eco-friendly products.

Even though delivering quality eco-friendly building materials was never a problem, providing customers with an accessible and easy-to-use online store catalog became a challenge. For Plywood Company, it was vital for their customers to gain easy access to their products and place orders quickly. As a result, it needed a website that would immediately showcase their current line of lumber and building materials right from the start. Plywood Company also recognized that it needed to adapt to the growing trend of mobile e-commerce to reach their audience faster but without compromising their overall shopping experience.

To address these needs, Builderwire created a mobile-friendly e-commerce website that highlighted Plywood Company's products right from the opening page. Products are immediately showcased within the website's homepage, highlighting the company's top product categories and its new products.

The new IBOS 3.0 Product Catalog was also integrated to the website to better display Plywood Company's collection of items. Boasting a cleaner design and interface, the new catalog can be viewed using all mobile devices giving customers a faster way to browse for products, place orders and request for quotes. A "Shop" drop-down menu is displayed on every page so customers can easily access the company's latest product categories on the fly.

A new checkout system has been added as well, complete with a sleeker design and easy-to-use interface to make it convenient for registered users to submit their orders. Plywood Company's new checkout system even allows non-registered “Guest” users to request for quotes for the items they're interested in ordering giving the company another avenue to bring in new customers to the fold.

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