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Superior Building Supply was established by Arden and Mike Dean with one thing in mind - to assist customers with their construction projects by providing them with high-quality lumber supplies and building materials at affordable prices. Combined with first-class customer service and prompt delivery services, the company has been able to live up to its reputation of assisting clients in getting their building projects done on time.

Established as a full-service building supply for homeowners and builders in Neversink New York, Superior Building Supply deals with a wide range of customers. To keep up with its large client base, Superior Building Supply needed an upgrade of its online catalog system to provide customers with a convenient way to shop for the items they needed. It also required a feature that would give them a way to reach out to their customers and provide them with timely news and updates.

Builderwire addressed Superior Building Supply’s needs for an improved website, providing it with an updated design and upgrading its product catalog with new e-commerce features. This includes an Advertisement feature which allowed them to post advertisements in different areas of their website to market the top brands and products in their catalog. It also comes with a built-in Promotions tool that can display different promotional items on all product pages.

A Newsletter feature was added allowing Superior Building Supply to post news content that can be seen by customers once they log in. Updates are displayed under the Newsletter section found in all product pages making them easily accessible to customers.

The new website also comes with an upgraded checkout process that allows both registered and guest users to transact online. Guest users are allowed to request for quotes while registered users come with the added benefit of placing an order directly through the website along with the capability to request for a quote online.

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