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U.S. Lumber has established itself as the top provider of specialized building materials in the Southeast and Mid-Atlantic area. It operates in five different locations - Atlanta, Baltimore, Boston, Greenville, Jacksonville, Nashville, Mobile, Raleigh, and Central Florida. Supplying more than 3,000 lumberyard and dealers, U.S. Lumber is considered one of the biggest distributors in the country.

With its large customer base and different branch locations, U.S. Lumber required a website that would allow its clients to access pricing information depending on a specific location. It also needed a way to manage and add content to all its product pages for their clients to access. Flexibility in terms of shipping orders to specific locations was also a consideration during the website’s development to ensure that customers get their orders at the right time and at the right place.

With these concerns in mind, Builderwire developed an e-commerce system that gave U.S. Lumber the capability to segregate their products by location. Whenever a customer switches to a different branch, the contents of the product catalog will change to reflect the available product items from that store location.

The new website also provided U.S. Lumber with the tools to update the content of their product pages. This includes all the pages found in the catalog including the product category, list and details pages. From text to images, content can now be added, edited and even optimized.

Shopping convenience was also taken to consideration leading to the integration of the Attributes feature. The store catalog displays a set of attributes unique to each product list page that allows customers to narrow down the list of products on display to help them find the specific item they’re looking for quickly.

Customers are also given the option to switch to a different Ship-To (Job) Location prior to checking out and submitting their orders. With this feature in place, U.S. Lumber gives customers the freedom to have their orders delivered directly to their project location, avoiding costly delays.

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